23rd Annual Burrito Dinner Fundraiser
Saturday, March 7th, 2020
4pm to 8pm (Sooner if sold out)
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All events take place at:

St Peter & Paul School
1433 Hamilton Ave NW, Grand Grand Rapids, MI 49504



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J’s Journey Fundraisers
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We have all heard the old saying that life isn't easy.  We know the many struggles we endure. We also know of others, be it friends or family, with similar hardships and wonder how can I help. J's Journey was created because NO ONE needs to simply endure, here is an opportunity to take action towards some relief!  J's Journey is all about helping groups of friends and families gather and create community supported fundraising events. J's Journey will offer  financial relief to families suffering from unexpected financial difficulty.

J's Journey was created by Mary Ann and Nick Friar to assist in the creation and hosting of uniquely individualized fundraising events

While J's Journey can't offer guarantees that your event will totally alleviate the financial crisis, our expertise and experience with fundraising can guide your group from beginning to end. The success of your event will depend on the motivation and hard work of your friends and family. Our experience has shown that the hardest part is to get the ball rolling.

We are confident that with common goals people can move mountains and overcome adversity. Our goal as well as our mission is to help move those mountains. We look forward to hearing from you and helping to answer the question, "How can I help?"



Mary Ann and her loving “crew” were indispensible in showing us how to put on a much needed fund raiser for a family member. Their experience, wisdom, patience and compassion lead us step by step in planning and facilitating an awesome event. It amazes me that they ask nearly nothing in return for such sacrifices.  The leadership they offered, not to mention the time they donated, will always be appreciated more than they know!
Thank you J’s Journey friends and may you be richly blessed for all that you do!
Kristine Bassett

I would like to thank Mary Ann and Nick Friar and all the volunteers for helping us have a sucessful benefit. We could have never done this without their guidance and help of my family and friends. If anyone ever needs help, please seek them out. Love to all.

Bill & Kathy Bookie

I was recently talking at a Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Affiliate Meeting about what it was like to be a 6-year survivor of Pancreatic Cancer. I talked about speaking for all those who have lost their lives; for carrying souls when hearts failed; and for having a new mission to be extra kind. I was given a second chance--I am here under God's grace and reason...and there have been times that I have been carried...
When I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in the spring of 2004, I was a single mom of four, and though I was working, I did not have insurance. I was very sick, very lost, and very afraid. Not only did God carry me, but my family, and friends, and community carried me. Nick and Mary Ann Friar were instrumental in organizing a fundraiser to pay for some of my staggering medical bills. They helped raise over $15,000 to help with my medications, my bills, my chemo, and with supporting my family. I will always be truly grateful and truly humbled. Thanks again, for carrying me when I needed it the most.

-Karen Thompson-Pancreatic Cancer Survivor


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